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Issue 54: April 2000. Next update May 13th.

(Image right: Daffodils are a welcome sign of spring, and some varieties can show pollen germination well, see
article below).

Image by Chris Thomas, UK.


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A video macroscope/microscope project and its use for an interactive exhibit - Aare Bäumer, Estonia describes how to use a video camcorder for public demonstrations of microscopy; includes a neat use for an old print-head carriage from a computer printer!

Spring Narcissi and pollen germination - Chris Thomas, UK investigates which varieties of spring daffodils can best demonstrate pollen germination under the microscope.

Papyrus from the Lower Nile - using modern papyrus often sold in museum shops, Brian Darnton, UK looks at the microscopic features of papyrus and how they relate to its manufacture.

Insect eyes - Jan Parmentier, Netherlands looks at the remarkable ways that insects see, and illustrates some of the microscopic features of their eyes.

A microscopical view of an old diatom circle pattern slide with 250+ diatom shells - Martin Mach, Germany describes and illustrates a stunning slide using a digital image created by 'stitching' together 30 separate images to show the slide detail in all its glory.

My first 'proper' microscope - Paul James, UK describes and illustrates the wonderful turn of the century 'Watson' microscope he was bought when a lad and which encouraged the start of a lifelong hobby.

Diatoms in dark-field Part III - Roland Mortimer, Brazil shares a selection of images of beautiful marine diatoms collected near Rio de Janeiro.

The 'QX3' in macro mode - Rudolf Baumueller, US uses the popular Intel Play computer microscope to show some of the beautiful flowers around his Southern Texas home.

A microscopic 'Loch Ness monster' - a look at Lacrymaria olor one of the most intriguing yet little studied protozoa. Includes a protocol developed by the author for its cultivation. By Richard Howey, US.

When dragons fall from the sky - a look at the fascinating macroscopic features of a dragonfly; includes 3D images and downloadable screensaver. By Maurice Smith, UK.

On samples, slides and ... surfing - Internet resources can often reveal a wealth of information about unfamiliar samples or slides for the microscope. By Dave Walker, UK.

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The details of the 'Practical Microscopy' course to be held at Belstead House, Ipswich, UK in Aug/Sep this year have changed. Please click here for details.

A meeting for QMC and PMS members of the Southern Group has been organised in Langton Matravers, Dorset, UK on Saturday, May 20th, 2000. Click here for details.

One of the highlights of the microscopist's year is the Frank Rowntree Meeting organised by the Leeds Microscopical Society. This open national microscopical meeting and exhibition will be held on Sat. June 3rd 2000 in Morley near Leeds, UK. Click here for details.

The Reading Microscopical Society's info' page has been updated. It now includes this years meeting programme and details/application form for the Reading Convention - an open meeting for microscopists on April 15th. Click here for details.

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