Feb. 13th 2004
An Anniversary!

100 Months of MICSCAPE Magazine


by Mol (Maurice) Smith.
Co-founder and Mic-UK Co-ordinator






8 years from now

120 years from now


In the coming 3 years (now!) I wish to put into place a new infrastructure for funding our magazine. I need us to gain more secure funding to enable some, if not all of the following. Be aware that I have already begun the work to bring these features into being. All I need now are the funds to pay for them.

Ultimately, I would like us to deliver the following before my time is up:-

1) The regular delivery of online movie lessons on all aspects of slide making, preparation of slides, mounting techniques, collection and preservation of material for microscopical examination. (I have arranged for this to begin before the year is out if I can fund it).

2) Help to our contributors financially to enable them to improve their equipment and resources for producing their articles and images.

3) A reorganized infrastructure where both contributor (of articles and material), and subscriber (voluntary subscribers funding the work here) are offered a share in the ownership and direction of Micscape Magazine and Mic-UK: essentially a formal infrastructure based on a mutual and friendly international society - registered as such and a legal entity in its own right. By this means, I will put into place a stable platform for our magazine and all material to survive past my demise with all material to date protected on behalf of the author and always belonging to the author.

4) The purchase or rental of dedicated physical servers with broadcast-enabled hardware to push out video and narrative to facilitate Micscape staying with the evolving internet as it shifts from a word/picture based publishing medium into a multimedia environment with program and film broadcasts.

5) To organize the opportunity for formal research by enthusiast microscopists, students, and schools on topics requiring investigations not undertaken commercially due to there being no profit to be made in those avenues of research.

6) To publish and maintain a database of common microscopic organisms with identifying pictures, and write-up.

7) To employ people with animation, 3D design, and ray-tracing skills to construct clear 3D models of many of the microscopic organisms so we can understand them better through contemporary visual imaging techniques.

8) To employ people to help undertake and manage this vision.

continue... into the future of Micscape Magazine
 by Mol Smith