Feb. 13th 2004
An Anniversary!

100 Months of MICSCAPE Magazine

  120 years on  

by Mol (Maurice) Smith.
Co-founder and Mic-UK Co-ordinator






8 years from now

120 years from now

120 years from now

One hundred and twenty years from now, the intense focus of science will be entirely on the very-small: nanotechnology , gene-miracles , climate and environmental control , bioengineering , cybernetics , bio-computers , are all beginning their paths into the future. Each major advancing technology will have at its root, an evolving knowledge and control of processes happening beneath the visual capability of the unaided human eye.

It's already begun: a '
microscopic imager' is playing a significant role in the current Mars lander missions.

My vision of the future is that microscopy in many shapes and forms will become one of the most practiced branches of human endeavour both professionally and non-professionally. I want those future practitioners taking humankind forward to know we helped keep this pursuit alive and growing. Most of all, I would love to see those people then looking back here into our archives the way we look back at those Victorian greats and 17th century visionaries and their work with the same love and feeling of kindredship that we feel for our forebears.

Let's take Micscape Magazine and our chosen past-time into the future beyond our own life-times. Let's do it together, now, while we all have a place to come together and a vehicle (Micscape Magazine) to achieve this goal!

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 by Mol Smith