Feb. 13th 2004
An Anniversary!

100 Months of MICSCAPE Magazine

  8 years from now  

by Mol (Maurice) Smith.
Co-founder and Mic-UK Co-ordinator






8 years from now

120 years from now

Eight years from now

Eight years from now seems a long way off. Eight years ago, we had just started. What can be achieved in the next eight years with the right enthusiasm and vision can be something which once could not possibly be conceived would come true. I believe I can make it come true. Not alone, not the way things are currently done... but with courage, flair, and above all trust: your trust in me!

I want you to subscribe in your thousands.
I won't take one penny of the subscription fund for myself. What I will do is use that finance to bring microscopy with us into the 21st century and beyond and - with your help and support - leave a legacy to the future that will be remembered as a great turning point in this area of scientific study by informally trained people.

It is time to have our area of interest recognized as a serious amateur pursuit, the same way amateur astronomy is recognized. This thing we do is the one of the few areas of scientific study and observation which remains accessible to all without the need for expensive equipment or a 'degree in rocket science'.

Help provide me with the funds to improve the way our subject of interest is populated with material and information to feed our curiosity and improve our understanding. Help me to preserve the know-how from the past and disseminate it to thousands so that the skills and expertise of past microscopists are passed on to us and to future enthusiasts.

If you could transform the world and make it a better place for a few dollars a year, you would, wouldn't you. Well alas - you can't. But you can transform the field of enthusiast microscopy, you can help hold the past before it fades away, you can help rebuild this pursuit into a modern and organized regime for all curious people, and you can help ensure that we ordinary and untrained scientists can add something of value by our combined observation and the cross-fertilization of what we see and learn.

Micscape does some of this already, but it can be done far better, and it can be done beyond our lifetimes. But only if you act now! A few dollars a year by every Micscape reader would provide a fund which enthusiast microscopy has never before had at its disposal. Think, just think, what could be achieved!
Let me show (somewhat roughly) you what Micscape can look like 8 years from now - (click here!)

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 by Mol Smith