Using 3D Modelling To Assist Microscopy Study
by Mol Smith 2010
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  Intro  Wasp  Fly  Grass Hopper  Bacteria1  Bacteria2  Downloads
  To download high res avi files select from here::        Wasp  Fly1 Fly2  Grass Hopper  Bacteria1 Bacteria2  All - please see licence terms here)  Models

I have made the original movie files available for download here in AVI format. You are welcome to use them in your own projects and on your own web sites provided the copyright information remains intact, that you provide a link back to in your page or output/presentation, and that you are not involved in making a profit for use of this material. If you wish to use any of these resources for commercial application, you must obtain copyright permission directly from
mol smith (the author).

Click below to download avi file.

Wasp Rotation                 Fly Rotation                 Fly Feeding               Grasshopper Jump              Bacteria Rotation        Bacteria Moving

Models used or substitutes for models used in this article can
be licenced from the following links.

Wasp From Daz3D     From Renderosity
Fly From Renderosity    Alternative Fly
Grass Hopper Content Paradise
Bacteria Content Paradise

A growing list of 3D models appropriate to microscopists and biology
educators is available from our new menu section '


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