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Anatomy Models

We have partnered with a
powerful resource for 3D computer models of major interest to Anatomy and Biology Educators. Their work will be used as a major resource in our new sections for children and increased content on Biology.
Check out their great work here at 3D Anatomy

3D Models for Microscopy

3D computer generated models are fast becoming an invaluable resource for learning and educating people in a wide range of subjects. So, wanting to ensure enthusiast microscopy does not get put into the shade, we have dedicated this section to resources for 3D modelling of Microscopic and Macroscopic entities. Please see our appeal!

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Biology and Microscopy through 3D Modelling -
A complete set of contemporary resources and teaching articles

Articles and Resources   Note: these are constanly being added to.

The Wasp. The Fly. Bacteria. published in Jan 2010 Micscape
Giardia Protozoa published in Feb 2010 Micscape
The Deadly Viruses: herpes, T4, Influenza published in Mar 2010 Micscape
The Generic Human Cell, Neurons,Synapses published in April 2010 Micscape
Human Skin and the Human Lung published in May 2010 Micscape  
  1-stop link for all Anatomy 3D computer Models here!

Current List Of Macroscopy Models

.These can be licensed from the linked resources
A-h i-q r-z

Bee - very HQ
Flowers - various
Fly and Maggot
Fly - very HQ

Spiders - various
Spider Black widow
Spider - Hairy
Wasp - Paper
Wasps - various

Current List Of Microscopy Models

.These can be licensed from the linked resources
A-h i-q r-z

Flea - very HQ
Giardia Protozoan
Herpes Virus

Herpes Virus2
Herpes Virus3
Herpes - various
HIV Virus
HIV - various
Human Cell
Influenza-A Virus
T4 Virus
T4 Alternative

We also have 3D Modelling resources on here suitable for educators in the teaching of Sciences and Biology.
Here is a growing list of articles and resources.

3D Bacteria - Rod Type with Diagram of parts
3D Bacteria in Motion
3D House Fly Rotation and Diagram of fly parts
3D Generic Human Cell Spinning
3D Nerve Pulse - Synaptic Gap
3D Neural Network (CNS)
3D Skin Section
3D Sperm penetrating egg video
3D Virus: Herpes Rotation
3D Virus: Herpes Scale
3D Virus: Influenza Cut-away
3D Virus: T4 Virus invading a Bacterium
3D Virus: T4 Virus Rotation
3D Wasp Rotation and Diagram of wasp parts

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