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 Issue 70: August 2001.
Next update September 13th.

Image above by Bill Ells: Diatoms can be found in the most unexpected places, for example, in some brands of  metal polish.  See article below by Bill Ells. 

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Spirostomum's (In) Digestion Rosemarie Arbur (USA) shares her observations of a fascinating protozoan; illustrated with her own delightful coloured line drawings.

Three ways to take micrographs Wan Yu, a young enthusiast from China, shares his trials of photomicrography, and demonstrates the best way to use an SLR camera over a microscope.

Tropical waves and volcanic ash microscopy Guido Santacana (Puerto Rico) investigates the volcanic ash that landed on the island from eruptions of a volcano on Montserrat.

The ubiquitous 10X objective Chuck Huck (USA) remarks on the usefulness of low power objectives. 

You found that in my what?  Richard Howey (USA) provides a fascinating overview of the microscopic aspects of many common food items.

Diatomite  Bill Ells (UK) goes in search of diatoms in a metal polish to see if a current brand still contains diatomite.

Photomicroscopy with a Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera Vishnu Reddy (USA) shares his experiences of using this model, including a neat custom made adaptor for the microscope, suitable camera parameters and some impressive histology photomicrographs.

A design for using an enlarger stand for photomicrography  Ted Clarke (USA) shows how an old enlarger stand can be a useful rigid stand for photomicrography.

Extending the macro capabilities of an Olympus C-2040z digicam  David Young (USA) shows how a simple supplementary lens added to a digicam can often usefully extend its macro imaging ability.

Hooked on cleavers  Paul James (UK) takes a fascinating macro and microscopic look at the common weed cleavers (goosegrass) to see what is responsible for its tenacious clinging ability.

Beyond Magazine June 2001 quarterly issue is now online: This sister magazine uses cutting edge Web technology to present science, including microscopy, in both a fun and educational way. 

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