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Issue 41: March 1999. Next update Apr. 13th.

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Image right: The protozoan Lacrymaria olor 
by phase contrast. Taken by James Evarts.

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A stage aquarium for the examination of samples in fluids- an easy to make but very useful stage aquarium for studying pond life etc. Brian Darnton, UK. My favorite microscope - the Bausch and Lomb Model W dissecting microscope. John S Wojtowicz, US.
Permanent slides: pros and cons - a practical look at the problems and pleasures of making slides, with suggestions and tips for mounting. Richard Howey, US. Hungry utrics - an intriguing look at the bladderwort (Utricalia), a carnivorous freshwater plant. Bill Amos, US.
Micscape Review: Journal of the Quekett Microscopical Club on CD (1868-1992)- an exciting resource covering 125 years of microscopy is now available for purchase. David Walker, UK. Bristle worms and their larvae - a fascinating group of mainly marine organisms but often overlooked. Wim van Egmond, The Netherlands.
Microscopy 2000 - a multimedia look at microscopy as it enters the new millenium, with downloadable screensaver of the suite of web pages. Maurice Smith, UK. Monocystis- an illustrated look at this parasite of the earthworm, and how to prepare slides. Mike Morgan, UK.
Image of the month - a stunning image of the protozoan Paramecium by phase contrast and taken with electronic flash. James Evarts, US. Polysiphonia, a red algae - a very attractive algae with a fascinating life cycle. Jan Parmentier, The Netherlands.
Staining and other methods for enhancing the observation of cellulose lacquer peels- part two of a series looking at the use of peels to study microfossils and nannofossils in rocks. Keith Abineri, UK. Image gallery: diatom arrangements - the intricate shapes and detail of these silica-shelled algae are a favourite amongst microscopists. Bill Ells, UK.
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