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Issue 62: December 2000.
Next update January 13th.

(Image right by and © Arthur Burton: See article below.)


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A very happy Christmas and New Year to our readers and contributors.

Issue 62 - December 2000 : Articles this month

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Stellate objects for the microscope - with Christmas in mind, Wim van Egmond (the Netherlands) and Brian Darnton (UK), with additional images by Arthur Burton (UK), share a wonderfully illustrated collection of star-shaped subjects for the microscope.

Tunicates extraordinaire - Jean-Marie Cavanihac, France describes and illustrates aspects of these fascinating marine organisms; includes animations.

Achromats, fluorites and apochromats? - a brief insight into the differences between them, with four x40 dry objectives compared and some personal views and conclusions. By Paul James, UK.

How to build and calibrate a photo-plane lightmeter - a very useful accessory built from a readily available component. By Ted Kinsman, USA.

Optical illusions and the microscope - Bill Ells, UK shows a good example of why images of subjects under the microscope need to be interpreted with care.

Image gallery - leaf of the pond weed Myriophyllum (milfoil) - Ron Neumeyer, Canada shares this stunning image taken with an apochromat.

Speaking of fixation, part 2 - M. Halit Umar, the Netherlands continues his illustrated introduction to the important role of fixation in preparing specimens for the microscope, and discusses the use of microwave ovens.

An observation - cedarwood oil versus xylene as a clearing agent - Mike Morgan, UK found cedarwood oil to be a superior clearing agent for some subjects and would welcome readers' own experiences.

An observation on protozoa of the genus Amphileptus - James Evarts, USA observed and photographed three specimens of this protozoa in an unusual configuration and would welcome comments as to what was observed.

A cabinet of curiosities: Purchasing preserved specimens - Richard Howey, USA browses through his specimens collection and also provides a fascinating look at the range of specimens available for purchase.

Diatoms in phase, or thereabouts - Roland Mortimer, Brazil experiments with different forms of lighting when viewing local marine diatoms ... with beautiful results.

Pond Life Identification Kit - a simple illustrated guide to some major groups of small and microscopic pond life, with extensive links to Micscape contributors' articles. Compiled by Wim van Egmond and Dave Walker.

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