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Issue 50: December 1999. Next update January 13th

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Issue 50 - December 1999 : Articles this month
Butterflies - an insight into their metamorphosis a superb presentation showing the life cyle of butterflies by Susanne Gfatter, Vienna.

Getting closer in macro mode with digicams - simple supplementary lenses in front of fixed focus digital cameras can greatly extend their macro capabilities. Paul James, UK shows how.

Eyes - Jan Parmentier, Netherlands provides a fascinating look at the microscopic structure of eyes in different creatures.  

Water mites - Wim van Egmond, Netherlands introduces this lesser studied group with stunning images.

Nanobes - an update on these new life forms that challenge our concept of how small living organisms can be. By Tom Gosling, Editor of Ascent magazine.

Microscopy in the year 2000 - a look at how nanobots may impact on our lives in the next century. By Maurice Smith, UK.

Pollen tubes - this'll make your eyes water! - how to germinate pollen grains on onion skin and study the tube growth under the microscope. John Garrett and Chris Thomas, UK share the technique.

The QX3 IntelPlay computer microscope - Rudolf Baumueller, US shares images and his impressions of the first consumer video microscope.

MMM - microscope micron measuring - a look at simple ways of measuring objects under the microscope and the problems of appreciating scale. By Charles Woodfall.

Freshwater jellyfish - a fascinating look at the sexual reproduction of a freshwater species. By Gen-yu Sasaki, Japan. 

Introduction to microscopy: illumination methods compared - Steve Durr, UK shows striking images of an Amoeba using brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast and DIC to compare the merits of these techniques. 

Marine diatoms from the Guaratiba Canal, Rio de Janeiro  Roland Mortimer, Brazil looks at some of the intriguing diatom species of this canal.

How things have changed  Richard Howey, US takes a fascinating look back at the natural history specimen catalogues of the 1890's, but before the times when conservation was really appreciated!

Micscape Image Gallery: 'Tough test' diatoms for the microscope - Will Varnell, US shows two super images of test diatoms taken with an optical microscope pushed close to its limit.

Digital dilemmas - a look at the pros and cons of different routes for the hobbyist to directly digitise macro/micro images. By Dave Walker, UK.


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