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Exploring the miniature world
Issue 52: February 2000. Next update March 13th.

It looks like an ant - but it has eight legs!
David Richman takes a closer look at some
crafty spiders in his article below.

Image by and © G. B Edwards.


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Issue 52 - February 2000 : Articles this month

Ants, beetles and spiders - a fascinating look at the types of mimicry adopted by some spiders. By David Richman with illustrations by G. B. Edwards, USA.

Take your (old) stereo microscope outdoors - Aydin Örstan, USA shows how an old stereo 'scope can be used to good effect to study subjects outside.

Photographing snowflakes - Ed Kinsman, USA shares some techniques and tips for photographing these elusive subjects with excellent examples.

How to preserve a snowflake - James Benko, USA describes how to encapsulate snowflakes using various techniques, illustrated with superb examples of his own.

Image gallery: digital 'snapshots' of the fauna and flora near my home - Carlos Bernal, Spain shares some attractive macroscopic images of the wildlife of Catalunya, Spain.

Diatoms in dark-field - the beautiful structures of diatoms look particularly stunning in dark-field illumination. Roland Mortimer, Brazil shows some examples.

A low cost set-up for taking digital images through a microscope and for macroscopy - David Young, USA rummages in a yard sale and shows how for a few dollars, microscopy and digital image capture is fun using simple equipment.

Mic-UK slide-making projects - Larry Legg in his unique down to earth style describes in simple steps how various techniques can be used to make your own slides. This month, an introducion to hand-sectioning and wax-embedding.

Illumination variants - Paul James, UK explores a variation of oblique illumination which gives attractive results with subjects like diatoms.

Vital staining for protozoa and other related mounting techniques - Richard Howey, USA describes some valuable techniques for staining protozoa whilst alive.

The construction of a Victorian type dry-mounted slide - Brian Darnton, UK shows the steps used to reconstruct a splendid 'papered' slide of Foraminifera.


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