An Introduction To Light Microscopy For Younger People and Beginners
by Mol Smith


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   Finding things to study (very young people)
Page 10


Young people, say 5 to 8 years (it varies from child to child) are best 'entertained' by finding readily available objects and life forms and looking at them either with a magnifying glass or with the stereo microscope. I personally think it is good practice to dissuade them from killing things (an ant, for example) simply to look at it for 30 seconds. Living, moving, tiny creatures are far more interesting to watch anyway and far more can be learnt by looking at how they move, eat and behave. Of course, living things move and can be difficult to restrain for long under a stereo microscope. But thinking of how to achieve that is all part of the development of a human mind. And therefore good practice.
Ant's love syrup and honey. A dollop of either on a small piece of card and left close to where they muster will attract many. A bit of practice and patience is all that's required to put the card, plus ants under the stereo microscope and watch them.
Dead insects are everywhere and easily discovered especially in the summer months. Miniature flowers and parts of plants are colourful and wonderful structures. Household items, often overlooked and taken for granted, like sugar crystals, pepper, spices, sticky tape, cotton, fibres, animal hairs,  guinea pig, cat, dog...
Pippa's video over there on the right will provide the right kind of idea.


Many of Pippa's videos will help younger people make a start on the fascinating and educational hobby of Microscopy. the tiny low quality one above is taken as a clip from one such full HD film. You can meet up with Pippa's suite of videos and reources here, or just simply go straight to her videoa here.

It's a good idea to get a book to help beginners get going. A book we published for very young people plus one for older young people or adults starting out can be located here.