An Introduction To Light Microscopy For Younger People and Beginners
by Mol Smith


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  Using The Microscope And Looking After It
Page 7


The enemy of a microscope is dust. Your microscope hopefully will come with a dust cover. If not, an appropriately sized carrier bag can be used instead. The idea is to keep the instrument covered when not in use to prevent dust and dirt in the air falling onto the glass lenses. Never clean the lenses with solutions. Just like a photographer uses a small brush and air puffer to sweep and blow dust from the camera lens, you should do the same. If for some reason, the cover is left off the microscope for a long time and a dirt film builds up on the glass lens too obstinate to budge with a brush of puffer, the glass can be cleaned with spectacle cleaning solution and a small soft cleaning tissue supplied by opticians. This is to prevent the glass lenses and any optical correcting film coating the lens from being scratched. The Microscope should never be thumped down on a desk or other surface and should be handled with care and love.


Dust cover on Microscope