An Introduction To Light Microscopy For Younger People and Beginners
by Mol Smith


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Microscopy as a hobby and as  a scientific pursuit -  where ordinary, non-professional people, can get involved and gain years of rewarding experience, is going through a revival. This is partly due to the Internet making information freely available and the work of many hobbyist microscopists over the past few decades. Our site has been here for over 20 years helping to 'fan-the flames' of interest. Many groups now exist on facebook and real, long established clubs in Europe, the USA, and in the UK welcome new members.
Bee keepers and fish-lovers who wish to protect their bees and fish use microscopes to monitor the health and vitality of their stock.

New optical techniques combined with the power of computer technology is extending the capability of light microscopy and promises a range of new and exciting optical microscopes for the future.  There has never been a better time for non-professionals, ordinary people from all walks of life, and young people to extend their life experience and enrich it by learning far more about the world around them... a world build bottom up by almost unseen processes.



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