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I thought you might like to visit some interesting web sites, articles, and pages. Mol designed or helped to create most of these. Only the ones in the list at the bottom of this page are related to Microscopy! The rest are associated with other aspects of his work which is creating evocative imagery and story-telling. If you wish to provide some feedback, you can email Mol!

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Microscopy-UK & Micscape Magazine Home on the Internet for all people who study the very small world at the end of a microscope. Mol co-founded this site and today many people give their time and effort freely to sustain one of the largest free resources on the internet. Established over 5 years ago - it is always found in the top ten microscopy sites in the engines!
Mol Smith Here is Mol's own site where he show-cases his photographu work. Very un-related to microscopy.

Some of his Graphic Stories
(drawn from my real-life experiences)

A clue as to what they are about. Take a look at one and see their unique style! Mol watches his life, sees what events unfold and weaves them into cryptic stories - very different from anything you've seen.
 The Darkness A poignant tale from a child still in the womb.
 Licemare A true story of superlice infestation - but with a creative flair.
 Licewars Depression, alcohol abuse, body lice - all drawn from real experiences and turned into an entertaining message.
 Volcano Child-birth with a difference!
 Vandam Almost like a film. Real people and real events mixed and blurred by fictional elements.The Neatherlands.
 Vandora's Box A very true tale in a way. A modern parody of Pandora's Box. Something close to this happened to me.
 Van Witch A spoof of The Blair Witch Project... but scarier!
 Bat Van A depressive episode in Edinburgh inspired this unsual gothic tale.

 Science Articles with style - Mols!

 Mol also writes and develops eductional articles for Micscape Magazine - co-founded in 1995.
Robert Hooke The biography of a very important man
Nanobes A new discovery
Dustmites Our little house mates
Microflowers Very tiny flowers
The Journey Why get involved with microscopy?
The human brain Is the human brain just a biological computer? 
Playing Detectives A closer look at fingerprints and sweaty fingers
8X Buying and using a hand lens An 8x magnifier
8X More -further studies with a hand lens More things to do with an 8x magnifier
Nano-bots. Miniature robots of the future Tiny machines inside the human body
A Nightmare on Mic Street.1 Part 1 Root Fillings
A Nightmare on Mic Street.2 Cockroaches
A Nightmare on Mic Street.3 Spiders
Blood and blood diseases All about blood
The Wasp Sting A light account of the wasp stinging mechanism.
Nature's little helpers Antibiotics and Brownian motion.
Volvox - the jewel of the pond. About volvox
Pond fairies The freshwater bryozoa. Plumatella repens.
Jaws! Rotifers
Magic windows Cross-polar slides
Eurocam VC5500 A unique video camera - product review
Photomicrography On a low budget

Screen Savers Mol made

Try downloading some and running them on your PC - all are unrelated to Microscopy!


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