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Exploring the miniature world
 Issue 75: January 2002.
Next update February 13th.

Image above: The '75' is formed by a stentor and euglena; two common
freshwater organisms. Animation by Wim van Egmond.
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Tale of the telotroch - Rosemarie Arbur (USA) shares her fascinating observations of the mobile form of the normally stationary Vorticella, illustrated with superb drawings.

Fishes and scales - Jean-Marie Cavanihac (France) illustrates the microscopic features of fish scales and fish eggs in early development.

Sporangia of a fern - Wan Yu, a young enthusiast from China, describes his study of the spore generating structure of the holly fern. 

Big diatoms: Photographing Coscinodiscus - Wim van Egmond (The Netherlands) shares some tips on photographing larger diatoms, illustrated with stunning images of this marine genus.

Tree rings - Paul James (UK) illustrates some features of tree rings at both the macroscopic and microscopic level. He also shows how useful the flat bed document scanner can be for imaging tree rings.

Image gallery: diatom detailed captured on a Nikon Coolpix 990 - Aaron Messing (USA) takes up the challenge of resolving detail in some of the toughest diatom species using this digicam coupled to a Zeiss microscope. 

Topical tips 8 - Chuck Huck (USA) shares his tips for using condensers at low powers, and Dave Walker (UK) comments on measuring eyepoints of eyepieces to be used with consumer digital cameras. 

A mitey fortress is our bog or the joys of nature - Richard Howey (USA) shares his thoughts and experiences of collecting from outdoor habitats.

Daphnia collecting techniques and discoveries Part III - Howard Webb (USA) shares a simple plankton net design he has found useful for collecting, illustrated with some local water flea species. 

Image gallery: Some favourite plates from Victorian microscopy books - Dave Walker (UK) shows a selection of plates from the older books which particularly appealed to him.

In focus: A new occasional feature. We don't have the resources to maintain an extensive links page, so 'In Focus' will regularly highlight a selection of web sites of interest to the microscopy enthusiast. Let us know sites you've found useful, and if a large web site, what features were of particular interest.

Royal Microscopical Society's online articles from their Proceedings (follow their 'Publications' and 'Proceedings' links: A fascinating selection are being offered for free download in Acrobat format. Titles include: 'The new photomicrography', 'Virtual microscopy' and 'Optical tweezers, principles and applications'. The RMS also publish a wide range of handbooks, many of which will be suitable for the enthusiast.

Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: The resources available on this site are awesome. Check out for example, the 'Virtual Microscopy' section with interactive Java tutorials; the downloadable articles on a wide range of topics, both scientific and artistic; the 'Anatomy of the microscope' section gives an excellent overview of the features of a microscope, underlying theory and techniques.

Algal web: An illustrated selection of some freshwater algae that can be found; arranged by both habitat and genus. In particular, those found in Scottish habitats. Maintained by Dr John Kinross of the Napier University, Scotland. (Thanks to Steve Durr for letting us know of this site).

Beyond Magazine December 2001 A special 'Best of Beyond' issue is now online: This sister magazine uses cutting edge Web technology to present science, including microscopy, in both a fun and educational way. 

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