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Issue 55: May 2000. Next update June 13th.

(Image right: do you recognise this tiny mite (0.1 - 0.4 mm long)? It lives on our bodies - but where? See article below.
Image by M. Halit Umar).


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Demodex, an inhabitant of human hair follicles - we live in harmony with this tiny inhabitant of the human body. M. Halit Umar, The Netherlands describes this mite's fascinating features and how to find and study it.

An unusual Leitz microscope - can readers provide any information on this intriguing model owned by Gordon Couger USA; searches and enquiries to date have yielded nothing.

Photomicrography with the Intel PC camera - Howard Webb, USA assesses the Intel PC camera for both still and video imaging with a microscope and shows the fine results that can be obtained.

The capillary microscope - Peter Abrahams, USA describes an unusual type of microscope which is used for viewing human blood cells and circulation in vivo.

Introduction to quantitative microscopy, or how to measure diatoms with a ruler - calibrated measuring slides can be expensive. Jean-Marie Cavanihac, France describes some simple ways to measure scale, especially in digital images, with simple alternatives.

Experiments with a webcam for photomicroscopy - Bill Ells, UK tries the affordable 'BUSBY' webcam for microscopy and shows the excellent results that can be obtained.

The zebra spider in 3D - Wim van Egmond, The Netherlands describes the fascinating features of this spider and shows some excellent 3D images.

A note on demonstrating food vacuoles in ciliates - Richard Howey, USA describes a neat way of showing this feature of protozoa using carmine stain.

Alternation of generations in ferns - Anne Bruce describes the fascinating reproductive cycle of ferns with some neat web scripting to show the detail.

Large format B&W photomicroscopy - Paul James, UK buys some cheap aerial photography film, builds a home-made film holder and shutter, and takes some stunning 12x9 inch images!

A macroscopic and microscopic tour around a common wild flower - plants we often take for granted can provide a wealth of detail in close-up. Dave Walker, UK explores the not so ordinary dandelion.

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The details of the 'Practical Microscopy' course to be held at Belstead House, Ipswich, UK in Aug/Sep this year have changed. Please click here for details.

A meeting for QMC and PMS members of the Southern Group has been organised in Langton Matravers, Dorset, UK on Saturday, May 20th, 2000. Click here for details.

One of the highlights of the microscopist's year is the Frank Rowntree Meeting organised by the Leeds Microscopical Society. This open national microscopical meeting and exhibition will be held on Sat. June 3rd 2000 in Morley near Leeds, UK. Click here for details.

The Reading Microscopical Society's info' page has been updated. It now includes this years meeting programme. Click here for details.

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