Technical details for Micscape article HOMAGE to the ONION SKIN

with some additions

Walter Dioni, Mexico


image 0001

Anopheles mosquito larvae, malaria parasite vector. 4x Objective. 3 pictures stitched with PhotoPaint.- COL-D
image 001

image 002

Daphnia - x10 objective
Cheek epithelium cells - 100x obj.- cropped from the 640 x 480 original - contrast raised and lowered intensity for better displaying the cells.
image 003
image 004
Mosquito larvae - 4x objective
Mosquito larvae - 4x objective- COL-D1

This is not a science, it is an art. The only guarantee of success lies in experimentation. But these tools are those which drives the amateur microscope with a power very close to that of much more expensive professional microscopes. If you do not have too much money you need these small tools, which give such fine and beautiful images.

image 005

Daphnia, alive, 4x, 12.5 DFS

image 006
image 007
Daphnia, 4x obj. 10 mm  centred DFS
The same, 15 mm DFS off centre
image 008

Cheek cells, 100x obj, - MOI

image 009

image 010
Daphnia head, 40x obj. - ObI - 10 mm marginal clear disk on 30.5 opaque stop.
Cheek cells, 100x obj. half reduced
 Mathias wedge.

image 011

image 012

Onion skin - 10x obj.- RhF - blue center - red annulus
Anabaena - 10x obj. - RhF - blue center - clear annulus

image 013

Anopheles egg - 10x obj. - blue center -yellow annulus

image 014

image 015

Larvae of Ephemeroptera -4x obj.
The same - COL -J

image 016

The same -COL-C

image 017
Algae (Zygnema and Spyrogira) - 40 x obj. - COL-J
image o18

 Detail, mosquito larvae - 10 x obj - COL-C

image 019
image 040
Daphnia embryos - 10x obj - COL-D1
3 mosquito larvae segments - 10x obj - COL-D2

image 021

image 022

Anabaena - 40x obj. - COL-D3
Anabaena -100 x obj. - COL-D3
image 023
image 024
Micro-Oligochaete - 100x obj. -COL-D1 + RhFQ
Larvae of Ephemeroptera - 4x -COL-D3
image 025

image 026

image 027
Although it appears to me only an anecdotal and marginal application, the relief can be distinguished even in histological preparations coloured with HE and mounted in Balsam, with a thickness of barely 5 microns, and various tissues (especially the connective ones) sometimes gives different brightnesses and colours.

Critical illumination - COL-D1 - COL-D3

image 028

image 029

 Euchlanis - a rotifer
Prorodon - a ciliate
image 030
image 031
An algae  - Spyrogira
A turbellarian - Macrostomum

image 032

Compound flower of Gazania sp. ( x 0.5 of natural size aprox.) At right one of the true flowers from the circle pointed by the arrow . Original is 700 x 827 pixels here reduced to 350 x 413.
image 033
image 034

image 035

The first 3 pictures were treated by a method to produce 3D images from flat ones. The last one was taken using the Red-Blue filter of Wim van Egmond and shows the real position of the pollen in the slide. The original of third picture taken with the COL-D3 stop.

image 036

image 037

Comments to the author, Walter Dioni, are welcomed.



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