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  Issue 57: July 2000. Next update August 13th.

(Image left: What critter owns these fearsome looking 'jaws'?
Perhaps an alligator? No, a sea urchin. Image by Jean-Marie Cavanihac).

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Hot topic: the microscopy community, including Microscopy UK / Micscape readers, have been invited to comment on whether space probes using microscopy and cultivation techniques could help establish whether any life forms exist on Mars. If you would like to read the questions posed by a member of the 'Mission to Mars' project and comment, please visit the forum.

Background information: 
NASA JPL press release 'New images suggest present-day sources of liquid water on Mars'.
Science Magazine research article, related article 'Perspectives: Fountains of youth' and links to Mars images.

A feature-packed summer issue!
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A micro-centrifuge, cheap and easy - Rosemarie Arbur, USA shares a simple but effective design for concentrating pond organisms.

A home-made portable microscope - Wan Yu, China describes a neat single-lens design that can be built with items around the home.

Sea urchin, a stinging but amazing animal - the stages in its life cycle have many fascinating features of interest to the microscopist. Don't miss the video clip! By Jean-Marie Cavanihac, France.

Gallery of echinoderm larvae - Wim van Egmond, the Netherlands shares some of his stunning images to show the wonderful variety of forms these larvae can take.

Of mites, nematodes and fungi - an unlikely alliance? Not at all, they are of importance in commercial mushroom growing. M. Halit Umar, the Netherlands decribes how these apparently unrelated organisms rely on each others existence.

Do the exquisite patterns on diatoms have a mathematical basis? - Brian Darnton, UK shows how very simple computer programmes written in BASIC can generate patterns remarkably similar to those seen on diatoms.

Close-up images taken with a Polaroid PDC-640 digital camera - David Young, USA shares some images and first impressions of using this camera.

Double-legged cylinders - A fascinating look at aspects of the life cycle, ecology and structure of the millipede; how does it manage to control all those legs? By Bill Amos, USA.

Equipping a laboratory. Part 1: Dissecting tools - First in a series where Richard Howey, USA shares his experiences of equipping and using a home laboratory.

The 'QX3' in Spain - Rudolf Baumueller, USA takes his Intel Play video microscope and laptop PC on vacation to show that digital macro images can be taken outdoors - and sent in while on vacation!

Black and white paper negative photomicroscopy - Paul James, UK describes how photo printing paper and a flatbed scanner can provide an easy but effective route for digitising images.

Micscape practical tip: A quick and easy way to make dry mounts - James Benko, USA shows how poster mount squares can be used to make microscope slide preparations.

Wanted: have you seen this aphid? - Chris Thomas, UK wonders where the black winged 'Perry' aphid has disappeared to. Please report in if you have seen it.

Tadpole shrimp and fairy shrimp: Two rare British crustaceans but available in all good toyshops - Dave Walker, UK explores some of the microscopic and macroscopic potential of a widely available educational kit to rear these crustaceans.

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Frieda Christie has a fascinating exhibition 'MicroGraphicArtist: 'Beaming down on Botany'. The exhibition runs from 8 July to 3 September 2000 at North Berwick Museum, School Road, North Berwick, UK. The museum is open from 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. every day, and admission is free. Find out more by visiting the Museum's web site. The exhibition will also feature a number of interactives and it is hoped to run workshops in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

The details of the 'Practical Microscopy' course to be held at Belstead House, Ipswich, UK in Aug/Sep this year have changed. Please click here for details.

The Reading Microscopical Society's info' page has been updated. It now includes this years meeting programme. Click here for details.

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