Little Imp Suite of Books and Catalogues on Microscopes / Microscopy

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M2. George Adams The plates from the two editions of this work
M127. E. Howard Adye Studies in Micropetrography Update Oct. 12th. 2017 Plate 2 was missing from the copy scanned, it can be downloaded here courtesy of Gerry Bance.
M39. Thomas Brittain Micro-Fungi: When and Where to Find Them 1882
M1. Arthur C. Cole Studies in Microscopical Science Vol. 1. A reproduction of this interesting volume complete with details from original covers - with slide images
M125. Thomas Castle Photomicrographs and others
M42. Allan Brugh Dick Notes on Polarizing Microscopes
M67. Arthur J. Doherty An Outline of Histological Botany - Lantern slide lecture
M65. Frederic Enock The Art of Frederic Enock
M77. Little Imp Publications Radiolaria from Glass Plates (Photographic)
M57. Rev. D. Landsborough A Popular History of the British Sea-weeds 1849
M123. Benjamin Martin A New and Compendious System of Optics (1740)
M115. John Nicholls Microscopic Photography - Its art and mystery (originally published by Frederick Cox - Instrument maker)
M51. James Samuelson and J. Braxton Hicks The Earthworm and Housefly 1860
M90. James Swift Three Early Publications. Microscopes and Other Optical Instruments, Hints to the Uninitiated..., Microscopes, Portable and Equatorial Telescopes and other Optical Instruments.
M129. Charles D. Soar 1905 Scrapbook on Microscopy
M59. Various The Illustrated Annual of Microscopy 1898 and 1900
M114. Francis West et al. Companion to the Microscope 3rd Edition circa 1838

Catalogues etc

M109. George Adams Three Catalogues (No images)
M28. F. & J. Amadio A Catalogue of Achromatic Microscopes and other Optical Philosophical and Mathematical Instruments 1864
M22. C. Baker 1911 Microscope Catalogue Section 1. Part 1
M23. R. & J. Beck Ltd Beck Microscopes Catalogue circa 1935
M24. R. & J. Beck Ltd Beck Microscopes Catalogue circa 1915
M79. R. & J. Beck An Illustrated Catalogue of Microscopes and Accessories specially adapted for Physiological and Pathological Research. 12 pages
M105. R. & J. Beck, Ltd. Beck Microscopes - Petrological and Metallurgical
M136. R. & J. Beck Diamax/Epimax Instructions + Diamax Brochure
M142. R. J. Beck Optomax Catalogue 1959
M53. Bausch and Lomb Price List of Microscopes 1877
M137. MSE/Cambridge Instruments Microtome Instructions for MSE Base Sledge Microtome and Cambridge Rocker
M46. F. Davidson & Co. A selection of Catalogues from the originators of the DAVON Super-Microscope.
M4. Flatters & Garnett 1929 Microslide Catalogue includes images of slides.
M25. James How & Co. Microscope Catalogues - pre 1876 and circa 1876
M41. Josef Hyrtl Catalog Mikroskopischer Injections-Präparate 1873
M91. Charles Hearson Catalogue of Hearson Microscopes
M93. E. Hartnack Microscopes Catalogue - January 1902
M118. Joseph Jackson Microscopium Catoptricum - Instruction for use of the Catoptric Microscope and Telescope
M95 Ernst Leitz Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue of Microscopes and Microscopical Accessories No. 36 - 1896
M101. Ernst Leitz Leitz Microtomes List. No. 51F, en. January 1930
M103. E. Leitz, Wetzlar No. 47 Pol. Catalogue of Polarising Microscopes and Projection Apparatus for Polarised Light 1921
M106. Ernst Leitz, Wetzlar Catalogue No. 39 Microscopes and Accessory Apparatus 1901
M111. Ernst Leitz Mikroskope No. 35 - 1893
M112. Ernst Leitz Microscopes and Accessory Apparatus Catalogue No. 40 1903
M116. Leitz Leitz Universal Stage - Catalogue and Procedure
M140. Leitz HM-POL Instructions/SM-LUX Brochure
M97 James Parkes & Son Wholesale Catalogue of Simple and Compound Microscopes and Microscopical Accessories 1862
M98 James W. Queen & Co. Priced and Illustrated Catalogue of Microscopes and Accessories 1889
M102. James W. Queen & Co. Priced and Illustrated Catalogue of Microscopes and Accessories 77nd Ed. 1890
M21. Ross & Co. Catalogue of Microscopes, Object Glasses, Accessories &c. January 1875 and Price List and Description of New Improved Microscopes. January 1880.
M104. James Swift & Son, Ltd. Catalogue of Petrological and Metallurgical Microscopes 1914
M107. James Swift & Son Catalogue of Microscopes 19th Ed. 1892
M108. James Swift & Son, Ltd Catalogue of Microscopes, Objectives, Oculars, Microscope Apparatus 26th Ed. [Bi. 823]
M110. James Swift & Son. Catalogue of Microscopes. 22nd ed. 1906
M99 Spencer, Browning & Co. Trade List of Microscopes & Microscopic Objects 1857
M100. Spencer Lens Company Microscopes, Microtomes and Accessories 1929
M52. J. H. Steward Catalogue of Microscopes 1903
M54. A. Le Vasseur & Cie Catalogue Illustré de Microscopes et Accessories pour la Micrographie
M94. C. Verick Microscope Catalogue 1885 (French)
M56. Voigtländer & Sohn Microscopical Lenses and Apparatus
M6. W. Watson and Sons 1921 Edition Parts 1 and 2 Microscopes and Accessories Catalogue includes photographs of some items.
M32. W. Watson & Sons 3 Catalogues – 1905. Microscopes, Objectives etc Abridged List - March 1900. Binocular Glasses and Telescopes Supplemental List - June 1905. New Model Microscopes - September 190.
M58. Watson & Sons Ltd Watson Centenary 1837 - 1937
M61. W. Watson and Sons Catalogue of Microscopes and Accessories 1906
M82. Watson The Watson Microsystem 70
M96 W. Watson and Sons Ltd. Emergency Catalogue of Microscopes and Accessories. 25th Ed. 1918
M139. Watson A Handbook for the Service 3 Microscope
M89. Carl Zeiss, Jena Microscopes and Microscopical Accessories Catalogue 1889
M113. Carl Zeiss Jena Catalogue of Photo-micrographic Apparatus 5th Edition 1903

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