A compilation of LOMO microscope resources on Micscape

Compiled by David Walker, with contributions from and many thanks to:
Rudolf Baumueller, Ted Clarke, Chuck Huck, Les May, Robert Pavlis, Bill Resch, David Stephens, Frithjof Sterrenburg, Ian Walker, David Walker, René van Wezel, SaraLee Shepherd.

Updated March 2021


The Russian LOMO student biological microscopes and their MBS-10 / MBC-10 stereo microscopes have proved popular with many hobbyists over the years, probably because of their affordability, modularity and competence for the price. The wide range of contributors' articles in the Micscape Library reflects hobbyists' enthusiasm for these stands and allows the articles to be categorised and compiled below into a central resource.

The compilation has been useful in identifying topics with relatively few or no resources, including LOMO objective performance, LOMO photo options, LOMO phase outfit. We would welcome further contributions on any aspect of using these stands but particularly on these topics and others not covered.

Please note that the articles on the compound microscopes refer to the older variants with pre DIN objectives that frequently come up on the secondhand market. Micscape has no resources on the modern variants with DIN objectives and with newer lighting variants and would welcome resources on them.

General comments to the compiler David Walker are welcomed, contributors can be contacted via email contacts in each of their articles.


Left above: LOMO Biolam, nos. refer to article categories below: this variant with base fine focussing, integral mechanical stage, Abbe condenser,
binocular head and HLS-1 quartz halogen lighting base.
 Image by D. Walker.

Right above: LOMO MBC-10. Image courtesy of Robert Pavlis.


LOMO compound microscope (Biolam in UK, MikMed / Multiscope in USA)

1: General
Overview -
The LOMO Biolam microscope Ian Walker
UK models -
'Zenith' UK branded Russian microscopes of the 1970s - 1990s. Notes on the range compiled from the data sheets of Technical and Optical Equipment Ltd (London), UK. Compiled by David Walker.
Maintenance - 
Russian LOMO microscopes. Notes on refurbishing and the use of Nye special lubricants Ian Walker
Maintenance (not specific to LOMO) -
Some thoughts on microscope maintenance and repair Robert Pavlis
Maintenance - Using F clamps on seized dovetails David Walker
Maintenance - LOMO Biolam disassembly and servicing SaraLee Shepherd PDF
Polarising, adapting to -
Polar exploration on a budget David Walker
Low power -
A versatile low power microscopy set-up for a modified Russian Biolam stand Ted Clarke
Nature centre -
Nature center microscope with darkfield capability Ted Clarke 

2: Photography
35mm SLR -
A design for using an enlarger stand for photomicrography Ted Clarke
Digicam -
Trials using an external zoom digicam (Sony S75) on a microscope with a reversed SLR lens as a relay lens David Walker
DSLR Nikon D50 -
Photomicrography trials using a Nikon D50 on a LOMO Biolam microscope with electronic flash David Walker
Notes on some SLR/DSLR photomicrography options for the LOMO Biolam Microscope David Walker

3: Heads:
Converting a LOMO monocular microscope to a binocular Chuck Huck 

4: Optics:
LOMO & Zeiss Jena pre-DIN objectives Ian Walker and supplement; correction collar maintenance Frithjof Sterrenburg
Advanced notes on water immersion lenses. Part 1: Introduction (covers LOMO) René van Wezel
Water immersion caps for pond water microscopy Ted Clarke 

5: Stage:
LOMO Biolam microscopes. Notes on refurbishing seized rotating stages Ian Walker 

6: Sub-stage:
Aplanatic condenser;
Oil cap -
Topical tips 5 (in part) - using the Russian aplanatic condenser Ted Clarke
Mechanics repair -
LOMO Biolam microscopes. Notes on refurbishing the oblique condenser and condenser diaphragm Ian Walker
Optics repair -
Repair of the LOMO NA 1.40 condenser Ted Clarke
Darkfield condenser -
Notes on using the LOMO darkfield condenser for both darkfield and annular brightfield Ted Clarke, David Walker 
Phase contrast - LOMO phase contrast outfit Robert Pavlis

7: Lighting:
Tungsten, fluorescent, halogen -
Notes on some lighting options for secondhand LOMO Biolam microscopes David Walker
Tungsten, Köhler -
Köhler illumination for the LOMO microscope Bill Resch
Flash -
Cheap and cheerful flash - tungsten lighting combo for a LOMO or similar microscope with a mirror David Walker
Star LEDs for two LOMO microscopes Robert Pavlis
A comparison of two different star LED’s in the LOMO OI–19 illuminator


LOMO MBC-10 / MBS-10 stereo microscope

1: General:
Overview and use -
An appraisal of the MBS-10 stereo microscope Robert Pavlis
In use and photo adaptor -
The stereo microscope MBC-10 by LOMO Rudolf Baumueller

2: Lighting:
LOMO MBC-10 light converted to LED Robert Pavlis
Star LEDs for two LOMO microscopes Robert Pavlis
Notes on using a cheap LED torch on a LOMO stereo microscope and a compound microscope Les May

Many thanks to all the contributors who submitted the articles to which this compilation links to: Rudolf Baumueller, Ted Clarke, Chuck Huck, Les May, Robert Pavlis, Bill Resch, Frithjof Sterrenburg, Ian Walker, David Walker, René van Wezel, SaraLee Shepherd.



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